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ecms Aviation Systems

Helicopter Equipment
We are EASA-certified specialists in sophisticated external load systems, rescue or evacuation applications, abseiling devices, load hook weighing systems and mission equipment.

Helicopter Equipment

Air Rescue

Helicopter Equipment

Air Work

Helicopter Equipment

Military & Intervention

ecms technologies

ecms Aviation Systems GmbH is a specialist and market leader for sophisticated helicopter equipment. We are an EASA-approved Design Organisation, LBA-approved Production- and Maintenance Organisation; we also hold the privilege to conduct flight tests ourselves.

With years of experience we develop, produce and test external load systems for special applications in the field of police, military and air rescue. Our particular specialty is in the field of human external loads (HEC); but also in the field of non-human external cargo and air work new things are constantly brought to market.

Our products have been in daily use worldwide for years on all continents, often in difficult terrain. These special missions require the highest performance from crew, aircraft and equipment. ecms offers the high-end equipment that makes these rescue, police and military missions not only possible, but also safe and efficient. We always provide our customers with only the best equipment.

With practical or mission-oriented feedback from our customers, we continue to develop our key technologies. We are always working on new products to minimize the technical and operational risks associated with complex missions.

For the perfect and safe use of our high-end equipment, we support our customers with technical and application-specific training. With our specialized service, professional crew training and technical maintenance, your missions are and will remain highly efficient and safe.

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