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Welcome to ecms

Our history

After studying aerospace engineering, managing director and shareholder Matthias Schuster founded ecms Aviation Systems GmbH in 1999.

His approach has always been based on the fact that the best equipment can only be developed and manufactured if you have the appropriate knowledge and skills in all the areas necessary for this. This explicitly includes usage. Thus, Matthias Schuster is not only a graduate engineer in aerospace engineering, a professional helicopter pilot, flight instructor and examiner, but also regularly trains in relevant procedures such as fast roping and abseiling. In addition to their professional qualifications, ecms employees also have extensive knowledge and skills in important areas such as high-altitude rescue and water rescue.

Today, ecms Aviation Systems is a specialist and market leader for the most sophisticated helicopter equipment. ecms Aviation Systems GmbH is EASA-approved Design Organisation, and LBA-approved Production- and Maintenance organization. External load systems for special applications in the police, military and air rescue sectors are developed and also manufactured and tested in-house. Our particular speciality is in the field of human external loads (HEC); but also in the field of non-human external cargo and air work new things are constantly brought to market. Through close contact and exchange with long-standing customers, the products are optimized for use. In addition, ecms products have aeronautical certification wherever possible and appropriate.

My heart and pride are deeply rooted in this company. We know that human lives depend on every ecms product. That’s why I personally ensure, together with my entire team, that all our products are of the absolute best quality. 

My goal was and still is to develop absolutely high-quality helicopter equipment with which helicopter missions can be carried out worldwide as safely, efficiently and reliably as possible.  

Matthias Schuster | CEO ecms Aviation Systems

Our services

According to the approval, the range of services of ecms Aviation Systems includes:
  • External load systems
  • Internal and external extensions
  • Flight tests
In addition, ecms Aviation Systems specializes in the associated or derived areas of application:
  • External load systems for helicopters
  • Rescue / evacuation applications
  • Aerial work applications
  • Abseiling devices for police and military helicopters
  • Fast Roping / Rappelling
  • Load hook weighing systems
  • Mission equipment
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