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Alert Service Bulletin

Safety information ASB_PCD01_0001 on Austrialpin "Cobra" buckles used on some of our harness systems [ more ]


New Fast Roping and Rappelling Device EAD03 on the Market

ecms’ new fast roping and rappelling device EAD03 was certified in September 2015. Used for Police, Military and Air Rescue Operations the EAD03 is lighter and has a higher load capacity than the predecessor EAD01. [ more ]

Customized Helicopter Equipment

ecms Aviation systems is an EASA-approved design and production organisation for helicopter equipment. We are specialized in human external cargo systems for rescue and aerial work applications, fast roping and rappelling provisions for police and military helicopters, cargo hook weighing systems, mission equipment and helicopter modifications.

We produce customized helicopter equipment for the following applications:

Human External Cargo

Operating a helicopter with external occupants requires that the highest safety standards must be met. more

Fast Roping & Rappelling

The procedure of leaving a helicopter via rope is much needed and often used by police and military forces. more

Rescue & Evacuation

For disaster relief, ecms external load systems for rescue applications can be quickly installed. more

External Loads

With the AirAccess system, ecms has established a new standard in safety and functional features. more

Weight Measurement

Weight and center of gravity is of particular importance when a helicopter is operated with external loads. more

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